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The Finish Line

I handed in the MA Dissertation a couple of weeks ago and I've now submitted the associated Journal Article summary. Writing the article gave me time to reflect on the MA and I would probably have changed some of the themes in hindsight. Re-writing sections and condensing material made me 

Analysis and Conclusion

Received more feedback on the later part of my dissertation now, so i'm acting on that. One of the main things i've done on recommendation is brought the analysis of the two phases of study together and what I've realised is that a lot of the interview and focus group 

Jisc Digital Tracker Summary

My interest in student expectations upon learning technologies came predominantly from attending Jisc's Digifest conferences over the last few years, and the research I've undertaken follows a similar patter to the recent digital tracker that education institutions have taken part in over the last few months.  My hand in for 
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Draft review

Received some constructive feedback on the first half of the dissertation and am reflecting on this and making edits. One of the key elements was to build an argument through the literature review, rather than having a series of seemingly separate categories. I realised I was presenting a range of 

Write Up!

It's felt like a long time coming, but I think I'm on the final stretch now. I have the conclusion to write and I'm approaching 15000 words, though I think I'll have to edit it back a lot.  Still, feeling happy-ish that it's getting there but I also want to 


Trying to crack on with coding this week. Went back to my initial notes and then chucked the key points and quotes into a spreadsheet, trying to attach common codes to things. I then hid the specific quotes and names and tried to form categories from here. What i've found 

Analysis contd.

I've been trying to get my head around the data analysis side of things. The Braun & Clarke (2006) diagram of thematic analysis helps and I will definitely use this approach. I have been taken of on a tagent a bit by use of the AntConc software. It's really interesting to 
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Braun and Clarke (2006) define thematic analysis as “A method for identifying, analyzing and reporting patterns within data.” (p. 79). It is a recommended approach for those new to qualitative research and one that is "accessible and theoretically-flexible". Particularly as the study forms part of a one year MA, thematic 

Initial thoughts

Had a first read through of my interview and focus group transcripts and made some notes, tried to connect some themes. It's really interesting and affirming when you read back and common terminology appears. There is a definite connection made between technology and employability or vocational skills, with participants talking 
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Today I finished the last transcription of my interviews and focus group. It was hard and robotic work and I can see why people make use of things like fiverr to get people to do it for them. I tried using Google Docs voice to text facility too, but it only really 
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